Using FX2LP CY7C68013A - 128 Board and FX2LP CY7C68013A - 128 TinyBoard

to interface with a hard disk ( HDD )

How to connect a hard disk or a Compact Flash Card to CY7C68013A-128 Board or CY7C68013A-128 TinyBoard.

An example application of the development board.


CY7C68013A, USB2, USB to IDE, USB to ATA CY7C68013A, USB2, USB to CF-Card, USB to CF

  • Connect hard disk with ribbon cable to IDE port of FX2LP Board.
  • Download the firmware:
    Choose between the following options:
    Option 1:
    Download the firmware "". Use this local copy because the file is now longer available from the Cypress website.
    The target file for the EEPROM upload is "fx2_ata.iic".
    Option 2 (newer version):
    Download "" (~20 MByte) for CY4611b from
    Here the target files are "cy4611b_AT2_PINOUT.iic" or "cy4611b_AT2_PINOUT_STANDBY.iic". (*.iic files are in
    The standby version powers the device, e.g. hard disk, down after plug off from usb line.
  • Unzip the files.
  • Unplug EEPROM jumper (open).
  • Connect board via USB cable to the PC.
  • Load Cypress Tool "CyConsole" from development kit
  • Plug EEPROM jumper (shorten).
  • Program e.g. upload "fx2_ata.iic" or "cy4611b_AT2_PINOUT_STANDBY.iic" to EEPROM using "EZ-USB interface" application (button "Lg EEPROM")
  • Disconnect and reconnect USB cable of board or just press RESET button.
  • Only if there is a HDD connected (as master) to the board, the onboard red hard disk led flashes shortly and a new disk drive is available and you can access the disk contents via Explorer or any other file manager
  • If you have Windows98 or MacOS you need to download a system driver from Cypress!



FX2LP CY7C68013A - 128 Board interfacing to a Compact Flash Card (CF-Card):

CY7C68013A, USB2, USB to CF-Card, USB to CF


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