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Cypress-CY7C68013A   EZ-USB FX2LP™ USB Microcontroller / USB2 High Speed (480Mbit/s), 8051 Architecture

Category: Development Board, Cypress Microcontroller, General Chip Description,CY7C68013A
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Features of EZ-USB FX2LP™ USB Microcontroller CY7C68013A 


Chip versions:
Cypress CY7C68013A-56LFXC
Cypress CY7C68013A-56PVXC
Cypress CY7C68013A-128PVXC


EZ-USB FX2LP Development Tools

CY3681 EZ-USB FX2 Development Kit

CY3681B EZ-USB FX2 Development Kit

Free available development environment and sources from Cypress:





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